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7. Why ATI or NVIDIA, why Intel/AMD?

I chose the best performer of the market when i consider for an upgrade, when I planned for this rig, Intel had (has) the best performer processor and NVIDIA GTX295 also was the best at that moment. So if when the next time I am planning to upgrade if AMD and ATI has better products, then I'll buy them.

8. Does your PC life up to your expectations ?
I am very satisfied with my rig... had some hard time on finding all the accessories that i wanted like the CPU block, the radiator... and I LOVE that I can play all my favorite games in full quality and at 1920x1200 smoothly.

9. What's the best part of your rig?

The EVGA X58 SLI Classified, it looks really cool, with the "E" Nortbridge LED light turning on and off, the colors scheme and how it permit to overclock.
Other of my favorite part, is my water-cooling loop. I am really proud of my work done on the loop.

Rig of the Month [Guru3D]


10. What sucks and should not have been bought?

Maybe I could have chosen another case. Like Silverstone TJ07.

11. Did you modify anything ?  cases/video cards/other? Did you do it yourself? Walk us through it.

Had to drill the case to set the EK Reservoir, and the side panel, removed the original grill that came with a 230mm fan and replaced with a 4mm Plexiglas.

Rig of the Month [Guru3D]


12. Your 3DMark06 / 3DMark Vantage score (P+GPU)

Only have 3DMark Vantage Score: P25.025 CPU @4GHz (21x191), HyperThreading On and Turbo On, GPU @680/1483/1100

13. Do you have any Future updates planned ?
Yes, waiting for the release of the ATI's HD500 or NVIDIA's GT300 series... I'll buy for SLI or CF, which ever is better.

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