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9. What's the best part of your rig?

I love how the pipes turned out.

10. Any dislikes, things you should not have bought?

After adjusting the airflow and adding a few more fans I am satisfied. 




11. Did you modify anything?  cases/video cards/other? Did you do it yourself? Walk us through it.

Indeed. I made custom brackets for the GPU to be mounted between the pipes on top of the lower rad. The gigabyte 3080 xtreme has a height of its own. Seems like they slapped in another inch in height compared to former cards. I also manufactured a replacement for the back cover so everything is streamlined.

12. Your 3DMark scores

Timespy clocked in at 17937

13. Do you have any future updates planned?

Not now. But you know a third rad is always an option and plans are in the shelf if needed.

14. Does your rig or mod have a name?

Indeed. Because this rig is well over 30kg I named it Boulder. Had to carry it around more then I should have. 

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