G.Skill TridentZ Royal Elite DDR4 3600 MHz CL14 review

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Memory overclocking for AMD Ryzen 3700X

Memory overclocking for AMD Ryzen 3700X

You can see the maximum stable latency for 3600 MHz in the AMD system, but the latencies are tweaked slightly (to CL 14-13-13-31). You can get there with some added effort (but depends on many variables, like the motherboard, bios version, or memory chip series). This was the optimal setting for this RAM on the AMD system.




One remark, though - as soon as you go higher than DDR4-3733, a 2:1 multiplier kicks in, and the processor’s Infinity Fabric link starts working at half the memory clock frequency, but you can “fight” and achieve 3733 or even 3800 MHz with a 1:1 divider. This will involve a bit of a struggle and some stability testing.

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