G.Skill TridentZ Royal Elite DDR4 3600 MHz CL14 review

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Product showcase

Product showcase



The RAM comes in a black cardboard box with an embossed G.SKILL logo and a white sleeve (opposed to a black one in “regular” TridentZ Royal showing the product name.


Information about capacity and frequency is printed on the stickers put back of the pack. Let’s check what’s inside.



After opening - it reminds a jewelry box. A small cloth to clean up silver (it can be golden) plating from any residual finger smudges is included. There is also a G.Skill sticker.  Once the box is open, we find our two 16GB 3600 MHz modules perfectly protected independently in a pre-cut foam.



It has a great design; the PCB is black. The radiators are integrated with the PCB using an adhesive pad on each side, and dismantling them would require significant strength (or heating up with a hairdryer for a longer period), so I did not do this. I did not recommend it either (as it would void the warranty). These are two 16 GB modules running at 3600 MHz.



The black (10-layers) PCB is visible here. The heat spreader is made of matte-finished aluminum. Unlike the “regular” Trident Z Royal – there’s no name of the series printed on it. There’s only a more subtle G.Skill name on the bottom-right side of the radiator. The radiator is not as “plain” as in the previous series, as there are geometrical shapes across it. The stickers on the backside tell you that this is a 2 x 16 GB kit operating at 3600 MHz, with CL14, at 1.45 Volts. XMP version 2.0 is supported. This should be more than enough for the typical user/gamer, and it can come in handy for you if you process video or graphics. For optimal performance, we recommend sticking to the settings from the preconfigured XMP profile.

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