G.Skill TridentZ 5 DDR5 5600 CL36 review

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Product showcase

Product showcase



The RAM comes in a black (with some red accents) cardboard box with a name (and logos). 



Information about capacity and frequency is printed on the stickers put back of the pack. Let’s check what’s inside.


After opening the box – you can find two modules placed in a plastic cover.


The TridentZ5 kit (which consists of two 16 GB modules running at 5600 MHz) has a very elegant look with a mainly silver matte (with a black bar in the middle) aluminum shroud. The PCB is black, and XMP version 3.0 is supported. The radiators are integrated with the PCB using an adhesive pad on each side, and dismantling them would require significant strength (or heating up with a hairdryer for a longer period), so I did not do this. I did not recommend it either (as it would void the warranty). The stickers on the backside tell you that this is a 2 x 16 GB kit operating at 5600 MHz, with CL36, at 1.2 Volts. This should be more than enough for the typical user/gamer, and it can come in handy for you if you process video or graphics. We recommend sticking to the settings from the preconfigured XMP profile for optimal performance.

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