Gigabyte GeForce GTX Titan Black WindForce review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase

Let's start with our photo-shoot. Three pages worth of photos then and most of them from our own photo-shoot.

Img_9737You'll receive the card with a reference cooler. Nvidia in reality doesn't like slash allow custom designs for this particular card, so you will need to customize it with the WindForce cooler yourself. 


After Hilbert's mega makeover this will be the end-result. We will show you the entire installation in the next pages. It is fifteen minutes work tops, so don't worry. The reference card is 10.5 Inches in length which is like 27 cm. Once the WindForce cooler has been installed the card is a hint longer at 30 cm / 12 Inches though.



The card itself is a dual-slot solution and the cooling is vapor chamber / heat-pipe based. That cooler is 600W of awesomeness being silent, and it even cools better than reference as well.


The GeForce GTX Titan Black has its price set in the 899~999 USD range.
Each Titan Black will have a maximum power design of 250 Watts, but they are made to overclock as well. As such Nvidia is using one 150W 8-pin PEG, and one 75W 6-pin PEG (PCI EXpress Graphics) connector. Another 75 to 150 Watts is delivered though the PCI slot and thus motherboard. This should be plenty for a nice tweak (or two).



GeForce GTX Titan Black will get four display connectors, you'll spot a full size Display Port connector, one full size HDMI connector and two DVI connectors (dual-link). You can combine these connectors to set up a surround view (multi-monitor) setup. To date we still receive this question a lot, but dual-link DVI does not mean you can hook up two monitors to one connector. Dual-link means double the signal, that way monitor resolutions over 1920x1200 can be supported or you could use a 120Hz monitor. So explained very simply, dual-link DVI supports high-resolution (above 1920x1200) or high-refresh rate (120Hz) monitors.

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