Gigabyte GeForce GTX Titan Black WindForce review

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if I was in market for such card i'd relish this review and if I could grab this card I would in an instant. 🙂 watch dogs page looks spot on.
Nice review, thanks HH.
I just wonder why Gigabyte is not offering a backplate for the card since you have to pull it apart anyway and by the looks of it is in need of a backplate. For a 900 Euro card it wouldn`t kill anybody if they add 30 Euros to the price-tag and add a nice functional backplate! Cheers! :cheers:
Yea,the lack of a backplate is disturbing. But other than that it looks awesome.
Hilbert what is the real clock for this card at stock? Is it 1150 MHz?
Is there some specific reason why nVidia is so stubborn about allowing non-reference coolers on the Titan cards?
H it says the Titan Black has 6 x 1024mb = 6gb Doesn't it have 12 x 512mb = 6gb Just an observation.
A nice piece of technology, yet you pay 900 and still don't get the card you want, but a kit to do it by yourself... no custom pcb, no hand selected gpu... standard card bundled with an aftermarket cooler. Still would go for SLI 780 6GB and oc... uses up more power but would do the trick just as good, imho (and please correct me if I'm wrong)
wrong thread sry.