Gigabyte Aorus KD25F 240 Hz Monitor review

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Final Words & Verdict

For competitive gaming at very high frame rates, 240Hz monitors can be attractive choices for many provided that you can push that high framerate with your processor and graphics card. The A 24.5” AU Optronics TN based Aorus KD25F does exactly what it's advertised for, and that is impressive. Provided you can drive up the fame rate enough, there will be benefits for the pro gamers out there. Btw I have not discussed this yet, but the display also offers active noise cancellation technology: plugging a microphone into the monitor can help dampen ambient noise. You can discuss the importance of that as most headsets have that built in of course. In terms of connectivity, you get two HDMI 2.0 ports, a display port 1.2, the standard jack plugs and a USB 3.0 hub. 

As always, we'll be the first to admit that our monitor reviews are a notch more subjective rather than objective. I mean it's great to get all the data from the colorimeter hardware including precise brightness levels and color gamuts, in the end though, often once you've calibrated a monitor, you'll still alter settings to match your personal preference. Also, there will be media outlets available with far more in-depth measurements. So please do look at my review more as a personal experience with my view on this product. That said, for me, a monitor works out the best if it offers a combo of features. I am an IPS / AHVA man myself, TN for me is a gnarly word, for you however that might be exactly the opposite as you care less about dark blacks, viewing angles but are all for incredibly fast refresh rate screens, much like shown today with the KD25F. 

Then you have people that are willing to chuck down 1500 to 2000 bucks for a monitor, others go "hell nooo" and find their limit at 300 USD. It's all these variables that make choosing the right monitor very difficult and subjective, let alone recommend one. What Gigabyte offers here purely seen from a hardware point of view and sheer design, is absolutely impressive. Fantastic looks and a monitor that simply draws all the attention in the room. However, it remains to be a Full HD monitor with a 500 USD/EUR price tag. No HDR either, so in that respect, the target demographic for this monitor is incredibly slim.


So here's the thing, you'll get mouse lag when the monitor is not configured at 240 Hz. At say 60 Hz it's noticeable even. However, we do not expect that if you purchase a 240 Hz screen, to run is at lower refresh rates of course. That other negative .. well, I am still trying to understand why this monitor needs to cost that kind of cash? But yeah, that's all I can find with the monitor tor remark really.

Refresh rate at 240 Hz

Stunning, absolutely stunning. You know, they say the human eye cannot see more than ~24 frames per second. But moving from 30 Hz to 60 Hz was all the difference in the world. From 60 to ~144 Hz, again is a step you can notice (however not everybody. So where does that leave us with 240 Hz then?, well crap it's impressive. But would anyone ever need it? We doubt it. Now we cannot measure all the screen goodness or do a pusuit grab, however, I did throw my Huawei P30 Pro (Yes Trump, I know) at the UFO test based on a still camera. I recorded at 960 FPS and as you can see no blur or overlaps (aside from focus and a browser trying to keep up at 240 Hz. That's pretty darn nice eh?  Have a peek, preferably go full-screen in the YT video. We do have a negative to mention but read that in the next chapter.




You can tell that Gigabyte is making a strong effort in the gaming monitors market, and hey it is a growth sector where a lot of money is to be found. To be able to succeed you need to do things right though, as the PC gaming community it brutally demanding, as it should be. This is a super-fast monitor, with minor negative points to mention. Overall with response times and color reproduction contrast the KD25F seems to performs very well to very good in all these areas, but not perfect (which really not one monitor is). Rounding things up, the monitor is super fast, well equipped and offers deep proper features. Panel wise it remains Full HD and no HDR it is all about being a 240 Hz monitor, and yes it is a great 240Hz monitor. Professional gamers with a yearning demand of very high frame rate will probably find this the holy grail in display technology. The screen will cost 499 euros, ... it is the one thing keeping me away from an award as that price is very painful.

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