Gigabyte Aorus K7 keyboard and M3 mouse review

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Application Software Mouse

Aorus Engine -Application and Control Software

The Aorus engine software is a software suite where a wide variety of preferences can be set up in several profiles. Configurable DPI levels, button assignments and so on.




Once we select the mouse we get to see its options, and there are quite a few of them ranging from profiles, sensitivity, DPI, report rate of your preference. Ehm yes, the GUI does not sit well with me.




Here we have quick launch button assignments - whatever is your preference man. You could assign a calculator to the left click button if needed. Each of the buttons can be programmed individually with a fixed function or macro profile. Why would you need a macro? Say you need to load a certain weapon, usually you have to click your keyboard keys 3, maybe even 5 times before that weapon is armed and activated. With the software you can record such actions. And with the press of a button, within milliseconds, that weapon is now loaded. 



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