Gigabyte Aorus K7 keyboard and M3 mouse review

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Alright, it is time to move onwards to the mouse, as always we start with the packaging so you can recognize the product in the stores. Clear and concise packaging, all primary features are marked on the box, hard to miss really.


In the package you'll find: 1 x gaming mouse. Next to that, a leaflet manual and warranty guide and some extra Kevlar slide skirts. It's a nice yet normal non-complicated looking mouse alright. Properly shaped, the feel and fit in your hand will be rather comfortable, i.e. Gigabyte went back to the mouse's roots, an ergonomic design that fits the palm of your hand really well. 


Though you need to get used to it, the weight is pretty good for me. Our review sample, as you can notice, is a black version. The mouse sits comfortably in my hand, it's roughly 100g. Size wise you are looking at (L)128*(W)72*(H)43 mm. As stated, there's a lot of ergonomics involved with this mouse, done right I must add. The top surface is merely plastic and feels like some sort of soft touch paint. There is a textured padding on the right and left sides of the mouse for grip of your thumb, pinky and ring finger. 

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