GeForce GTX 480 liquid cooling Danger Den review

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Product Installation


Danger Den GeForce GTX 480 Liquid Cooling

That really is all when it comes to preparation. We can now mount the block. the best way to do so is to put the cooling block on its back, place the PCB on top of it and using the assigned mounting holes we secure and tighten the cooler to the PCB.

Also, the cooling block has a mirror finish, place it on some foam or a towel or something so it does not get scratched up okay?

Danger Den GeForce GTX 480 Liquid Cooling

You screw down a screw + washer + rubber O-ring at the selected locations and you are done. Do not apply too much force securing them, that's simply not needed.

Danger Den GeForce GTX 480 Liquid Cooling

And there we have it... one GeForce GTX 480 for which the coolness and e-peen factor has risen incredibly already.

Danger Den GeForce GTX 480 Liquid Cooling

Once everything is finished up you can connect the product to your liquid cooling loop. Now don't forget, add it to the loop and clamp down the tubing. It's now wise to simply test the liquid cooled GTX 480 outside the PC, so if you have that option, power on just the liquid cooling unit and let her flow for at least an hour. It's the best way to see if you have leaks (really slim chance).

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