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Final words and conclusion


Final words and conclusion

Testing the GeForce GTX 480 with the help of that Danger Den liquid cooling block is like testing the GeForce GTX 480 all over from scratch again. The dynamics just change so much. Depending on the liquid cooling setup you opt for, this is an inaudible solution -- no too low noise. Always use low RPM yet quality fans on your radiator, preferably regulated through your system BIOS or fan controller so you can tweak what noise levels are acceptable for you. When we look at the temperatures then we can only conclude that they are just so much better for the GTX 480, it really is a crime to not overclock the card once you are on water-cooling.

Talking about overclocking, what we have accomplished here today is not something insignificant. No Sir, remember, the default core clock for that GTX 480 is 700 MHz core and 1400 MHz on the shader processors. We pushed this card to 900 MHz core / 1800 MHz shaders easily. And yeah that's just a testimony of what we have been saying all along. There is a lot of potential in this graphics card. Anyway, with the overclock you just gained another 20% extra performance on average.

So then, if you are not afraid of liquid cooling inside a PC, and nature calls and lures that GTX 480 to you, we'd very much like to recommend you to have a look at Danger Den's solution. The block is impressive and easy to install. Bear in mind though that you will always take a risk by removing that reference cooler manually. Cards can break down during the process, it's as simple as that.

guru3d-toppick-150px.jpgDanger Den offers the all copper version at 135 USD, the nickel version like tested today will set you down a steep 160 USD. That's not cheap and certainly it makes an expensive product even more expensive, it however is worth every penny as the GTX 480 is just so much better when you can keep it chilled down that easy. This is the way you would like to run your graphics card, it is as simple as that.

As such the DD-GTX480 cooling block comes very much recommended, it will pimp that GTX 480 up completely and you'll get the luxury of silent and very effective cooling.

You can give Danger den a visit right here.

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