GALAX GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER SG review

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The GALAX GeForce RTX 4080 SG graphics card is characterized by its extended cooling shroud, which demands ample interior space in the computer casing for proper installation. This model features a solid metal backplate, contributing both to the card's aesthetic appeal and functionality. The design incorporates a matte black color scheme with white and silver accents on various surfaces.


The SG series represents their entry-level GPU lineup. The SG series notably embraces RGB lighting, featuring multiple light zones on the card's front and sides. The shroud's design exceeds the dimensions of the PCB, enhancing the card's visual profile. The RTX 4000 series, including the RTX 4080 SUPER, offers HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 ports. Notably, NVIDIA has not adopted the newer DisplayPort 2.1 standard. The I/O panel doubles as an air vent, with connectors supporting 8K 60 Hz HDR output via HDMI.


As stated, the card looks beautiful in that dark design. It measures in just over 33cm in length. The frontside cover is plastic, the backside backplate metal. You're going to notice that this card has a slightly higher energy consumption, Palit fooled around with the power distribution allowance, and that does make it perform a notch faster. More on that later though.  The card's structure comprises an alloy frame enclosing an aluminum fin stack, which forms a significant part of the cooling apparatus. Airflow is managed by two fans: the first draws air in and expels it sideways, while the second fan pulls air through the fin stack and directs it upwards.


The backplate, made from solid metal with a brushed matte-black finish, extends over the full length of the card, offering increased durability. This design also incorporates a compact PCB, allowing for extended coverage by the heatsink and backplate.


One unique feature is the 1-clip booster fan, which easily attaches to the backplate without the need for additional screws. The card also includes a 12V RGB In and a 5-pin fan header for this booster fan. The card is power-intensive, utilizing a single 16-pin connector capable of delivering up to 450 Watts, although its rated power consumption is 320~330W, rising to approximately 350W at full power limit. The RGB lighting feature of the SG series enhances the visual appeal of the card when illuminated.

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