Fractal Design Lumen S28 RGB review (LCS)

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Product Installation

The installation is completed in a matter of minutes, and the cables are connected at the end. In the delivery, there is a cable that connects between the cooler block, which has a connection on the side, and the ARGB header on the motherboard, which is included. In addition, the three power cables, as well as the two ARGB cables for the fans and the pump, which, as previously noted, is  also placed on the radiator, must be connected to the motherboard through a cable.


Aspect 14 PWM fans with half-dozen individually addressable RGB LEDs are included in our RGB review model, and the two fans may be daisy-chained together, using only a single 5V connector on your motherboard to power the entire system. When it comes to cleanliness, fractal coolers have always performed admirably; nonetheless, Lumen is still one step away from perfection; notice that bothersome cable spilling out of the CPU block? It's the aRGB connector for the lid, and we wish Fractal had figured out a way to route the cable via the sleeved tubing for the best possible clean.


Lumen does, however, have a charming appearance when installed, and because the emphasis is on motherboard synchronization, there is no need for any additional software to be concerned about.



Even though RGB lighting isn't high on our list of criteria, Lumen looks gorgeous. The lit puck has a particular appeal, and Fractal conveys that charm with ease.

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