Fractal Design Lumen S28 RGB review (LCS)

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The fans are Aspect 14 RGB PWM fans from Fractal Design. A black frame surrounds the fan blades, which are white. Corner anti-vibration pads are not included in the purchase price. The controlled LEDs are strategically placed around unit, and they can be programmed to display a variety of color gradients and effects. As a bonus, the fan wires are flat, and the power connectors may be plugged (bridged) together to improve cable management even more.




Configuration of the Lumen's ARGB lighting can be done using the motherboard software; all major manufacturers are supported. Because of the wide range of colors and effects available, there are virtually no boundaries to your imagination. Because the illumination is clearly visible through the black but translucent pump cover as well as on the fans, and because the presentation of colors, gradients, and effects is flawless, there is nothing to complain about.



When we flip it around we see the radiator a little better. Easy to mount, most big-tower chassis' have pre-fitted holes and space for 280mm rads, but not all of them. Fortunately, you can choose from many radiator sizes. The radiator is matte black, with the exception of glossy black Fractal emblems on both sides, which are also matte black. The feed-through cable of the pump is a feature that distinguishes the Lumen from other pumps. As a result, Fractal runs this cable from the radiator block to the radiator, where it can be connected with the fan cables and disguised more effectively. The radiator and block of the Fractal are finished in a matte black finish that is consistent throughout. 


The cooler block is extremely compact, circular, and flat, with a height of 43 mm and a diameter of 76 mm. The bracket and the pump lid are both black, with the exception of a little Fractal logo on the lid, which is visible. As an additional feature, the lid can be removed and rotated in 90-degree increments to ensure that the logo is always exactly positioned.


The ports can also be rotated in order to achieve the best possible alignment of the hoses. The latter are constructed of rubber and sheathed in glossy black nylon material and are 40 cm in length, which is plenty. Copper is used in the construction of the Lumen's base plate.



A nice diffused RGB lighting pattern spans the top of the cooling block, and the little Fractal logo adds a touch of elegance. You also have a choice in terms of orientation, as the top cover can be easily removed and turned to suit your needs. There's also 400mm of nylon-sleeved rubber tubing running to the aluminium radiator, which is 312mm by 140mm by 27mm in size.


Lastly, we get to the bad element of the cooler: a pump smack dab in the heart of the cooling system. Its maximum pump speed is listed at 4,000 rpm per minute. While I do not believe there is a significant decrease in performance, there is a disadvantage. Because the pump is now close to the edge of the computer, there is some fan resonation that can be heard. Apart from that, because the radiator is mounted directly to your chassis, the acoustics will only be worse in this manner. We believe that, even though you will surely lose a small amount of radiator surface area, the steady hum will be more audible to our ears due to the pump's location at the outside edges of the PC.

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