Fractal Design ION+ Platinum 660 and 860W PSU review

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Product showcase

Product showcase


On the top side, we can see a 140 mm FDB Fan. It is made by Fractal itself, and it’s 25 mm thick.


Fractal’s PSUs are built with 100% Japanese, 105℃ capacitors, providing the highest reliability, and that’s the reason why they offered a 10-year warranty period. Without cables, the unit weighs from 1.61 to 1.665 kg (the 860 W version).



Inside, there are only high-end Japanese capacitors certified for 105°C. The OEM is High Power. The soldering quality is really nice. There is also an NTC thermistor and the corresponding bypass relay for enhanced inrush current protection. The APFC MOSFET is Infineon IPA60R120P7, and the main switcher is an Infineon IPA60R120P7.


On the primary side, there’s a Silicon Labs Si8230BD integrated circuit, a PFC Champion Infineon ICE3PCS01G controller, and a Champion CM6901X resonant controller. On the reverse side of the PCB, there’s an Infineon BSC027N04LS, Infineon BSC0906NS DC-DC Converters, and an ANPEC APW7159C PWM Controller.

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