Fractal Design ION+ Platinum 660 and 860W PSU review

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Product showcase

Product showcase


For the 660W variant, you can see that there is a single +12 V rail with a total of 660W (55 A). So, in theory, the unit should manage a single 1080 (Ti), RTX 2080 (Ti) or Radeon RX Vega 64. Two might be an issue (especially when overclocked, same as with the CPU).


The 860 W version has a 71.6 A +12 V rail with a total of 860 W. Below you can see the cables set for the 660 W variant:


and the 660 W:


Two sets of 6+2 -pin PCIe cables are included with the 660 W variant, and three with the 860 V version, with two 8-pin PEG connectors each. The cables are all black, so that should fit with most users’ needs. The supplied cables are sufficient in terms of number and length as well. The 24-pin ATX motherboard cable is 60 cm long. The Molex leads are 40 cm long, and SATA power cables are 65 and 75 cm in total, whereas the 8-pin ATX CPU power cable is 70 cm long, which is great. The EPS cable (for 860 W version) is 60 cm long. Last but not least, the PCIe graphics leads reach a rather average of 55 cm. Obviously, all of these cables are modular, so you won’t have to plug in the ones that you don’t need in your system, reducing cable clutter in your PC. According to the manufacturer, we should find quality components inside, so let's open it up.


On the back side of the PSU, you’ll find the modular cable connectors. It’s not possible to plug a cable into the wrong socket, so there is no risk of ending up with fireworks that you didn’t bargain for.


Here, you can see the entire bunch of cables, some of you will enjoy the view.


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