EVGA X58 SLI review

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Photos - eVGA X58 SLI (1)

Photos - eVGA X58 SLI

On the next few pages we'll show you some photos. The images were taken at high-resolution and then cropped and scaled down. The camera used was a Canon 450D 12 MegaPixel.

eVGA X58 motherboard review

Alrighty, meet the EVGA X58 packaging. It's pretty clear to see the product is SLI capable. Nice design, black and simple ... I like it. eVGA being a tier 1 NVIDIA partner didn't include a CrossfireX logo on the box though. Rest assured it's compatible with Crossfire/CrossfireX though.

eVGA X58 motherboard review

When we look at the bundle we see that eVGA includes all the necessities. I like the nice subtle details in simple things like the black design cables. This makes the overall look of the PC just so much more fun to observe.

  • eVGA X58 motherboard
  • 6x SATA cables.
  • 1x USB Bracket with 4 additional ports
  • 1x FireWire bracket
  • IDE / PATA cable
  • 3x 4-pin SATA power cables
  • 3-way SLI bridge
  • 2-way SLI bridge
  • Rear I/O panel shield
  • Driver CD
  • Manual / Quick installation guide

eVGA X58 motherboard review

The overall looks are quite good. I like the black design. We have a heatpipe cooler on the Southbridge chip and MOSFET / voltage regulators close to the rear Multi I/O panel. The northbridge is being actively cooled. But let's look at the motherboard a little more in-depth.

eVGA X58 motherboard review

From left to right the PS2 keyboard connector, below it 2x USB.  Then nice to see a CLEAR CMOS button. Digital audio both a TOSLINK and COAXIAL connector, very lovely. Then again two USB ports, firewire connector and an eSATA port. Then yet again another 4x USB 2.0 ports, totaling up towards 8 ports on the read panel.

Lovely to see are the two Gigabit Ethernet ports, and then the audio ports. There's plenty of connectivity for sure.

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