EVGA X58 SLI review

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Performance Video Transcoding | Memory READ -WRITE

Multi-threaded Video Transcoding VC-1 to WMV9

Transcoding is a very popular thing to do on PC's. You take a movie and transcode it from one format to the other. In this test we transcode a high-definition VC1 movie towards a WMV9 format.

Now here's where things started to get a little weird as eVGA motherboard is responsible for slowest (if you can call it that way) performance. The gap between the X58 reference board from Intel and this eVGA board is roughly 10%

Now we know that it's not the processor. We know the chipset is the same .. and we also know that transconding is very memory dependant. Therefore there still must be a small issue with memory. Therefore let's test memory performance and verify if this is right.

Memory Read test

And indeed ... my suspicion is verified. Memory performance measured with Everest, especially read performance is off by a fair amount. I tried localizing the issue, and we think this is a BIOS issue as it look like the memory timings that we enforced do not stick 1333 MHz @ CAS 8:8:8:24 No biggy, but there is a little work in progress for eVGA.

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