EnGenius ECW220S 2x2 Cloud Access Point review

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The AP

The ECW220S Access Point

The EnGenius ECW220S features a clean appearance. Its square white housing is barely 3.3 cm thick and measures 16cm on each side.


The design is non-obtrusive, so you can mount it pretty well in any household. The muted matte surface is easy to maintain and draws less notice. The only branding appears to be a little grey EnGenius logo in the middle.


Near the top is an LED indicator bar with a succession of lights, similar to your router's lights. The first is a power indicator, and the second tells if your computer is linked to your router. The third and fourth lights indicate the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands are operational, respectively. You can disable these LEDs through software btw, making the unit even more stealthy. 


You'll see that there are no ports or connectors visible. These are positioned on the rear of the casing, close to the wall or ceiling. The back of the enclosure features a cutout for an Ethernet connector and a DC power input. Additionally, there is a reset button, the type that requires a paperclip to press. BTW a power adapter is not included you'll need to purchase one, or simply connect it through PoE compatible switch. 


Ultimately, the mounting bracket provides ample room for wires to pass through. The bracket is a grey panel with two screw slots connected to the rear of the main housing. It's simple to install. the kit includes screws and drywall anchors. If you wish to add an additional layer of protection, there is a Kensington lock slot on the side that may be used with a cable tie.


The ECW220S is covered by a two-year manufacturer's warranty from EnGenius. If anything fails prematurely, you'll receive a replacement or a refund. However, it will not be outdoors; this access point is not weather-resistant. 

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