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Performance - Storage SSD SATA6G and USB 3.0

Performance - Storage SSD SATA6G and USB 3.0

With the new SATA3 6G controller and USB 3.0 controllers we started adding SSD performance numbers measured on such interfaces (when applicable). Putting these in nicely styled charts would be better, but with technology so new we just do not have anything out there yet to compare to, so here are some raw peak performance numbers. We use an A-DATA N002 Solid State Drive which has both a both SATA2 and USB 3.0 port.

Above, you can see a N002 series A-DATA Solid State Drive running over the USB 3.0 controller on this motherboard. The implementation works well.

Above some numbers based he SATA3 6G controller of this motherboard, there surely is nothing to be ashamed about with that performance. We measure in AHCI mode. Again, this is peak performance, not average. Excellent numbers here.

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