Dishonored 2: PC graphics performance benchmark review

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Graphics card performance 1080p

Graphics card performance

We test at ULTRA quality settings. Your sweet spot might be high quality and 1080P if you have less then 3GB of graphics memory. 3GB graphics memory (often referred to as VRAM) really is a sweet-spot for the game. For PC gaming your goal always should be 60+ FPS. However, we say 40~45 FPS for a game of this type should be your threshold, while 60 FPS (frames per second) or higher can be considered optimal.


Processor wise we use a tweaked Core i7 5960X (8-cores @ 4.3 GHz). The game utilizes multiple cores, roughly eight of them are actively used but not fully utilized. The processor is used on an X99 platform with 16GB quad-channel memory clocked at 2400 MHz.

Above an example of the game rendered at 2560x1440 in the Ultra render quality mode.


The type of game you play is always relevant though, an first person shooter game is nice at 50 to 60 fps , an online shooter on a 144Hz monitor feels better at 100+ fps. And totally on the opposing side, for RPG gaming things are different for which we are comfortable with an FPS ranging as low as 30~35 FPS. At all times if your framerate is low, you can opt to change in-game image quality settings. Mind you that we test with reference cards or cards that have been clocked at reference frequencies. Factory tweaked graphics cards obviously can run up-to 20% faster. But for the generic overview, we treat all card the same. You'll notice that this is an Nvidia titles, AMD does well but the Series 1000 cards from Nvidia are very strong with this title.

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