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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

Thew looks are fantastic, bu we expected a little more performance with higher wattage. But sure, not bad at all, a little pricy, maybe at 140 USD? Based on a 4th generation water pump design, the DeepCool LT series of all-in-one liquid CPU coolers maintains its reputation for providing nice cooling performance. A powerful 3100rpm three-phase drive motor and updated flow channels in a skived copper block contribute to the unit offers decent thermal capacity. The static pressure performance of the high-performance FK120 Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fans is fine-tuned. Finally, a brand-new pump cover is introduced, and its multidimensional infinity mirror design creates a stunning visual effect.


Performance is satisfactory at the default clock frequency; nothing more and nothing less though. Overclocking a CPU based on voltage still gives enough leash to fool around a bit. However, Intel bypasses their specified TDP by nearly doubling it for approximately a minute when under stress. For example, a 125 Watt TDP processor can even run at 250 Watts for 60 seconds if given the opportunity. Here in the higher spectrum, the cooler falls a little short, to be honest. 



The acoustics are satisfactory by default, but not completely silent; when the processor is overclocked, the fans become audible. They are high static pressure fans that can spin and ramp-up to speeds of up to 3100 RPM, but that is simply too fast for anything that needs to be silent in my opinion. Lowering fan RPM, creating a fan profile in your motherboard BIOS, or having your fans fixed at an RPM level that meets your needs and expectations are all simple solutions. You will have a lot of leeway in experimenting with the cooling performance. We can hear the pump if we give it 100% voltage, but realistically I you need to feed it only half of that.


Overall, with the mounting system and everything prefilled... it is one of the easier and more comfortable kits to use and install on the market. We do miss the ability to daisy chain the fans, though, something that the LS series offers.  




Final Words

The LT720 performs fine, but we did miss some performance once we needed cooling capacity. We certainly appreciate the new infinity mirror RGB lighting as well. The AiO does a great job of keeping things cool, although its fans could be a notch more silent. There is a lot of room for customization in terms of cooling, so you should be able to achieve a near-silent arrangement. You can use Intel's newest CPU socket, the LGA 1700. Considering that Socket AM5 is also on the list of compatible components, this setup should serve you well into the foreseeable future. As we found out, there were no major hiccups during the entire process of installing the LT Series. The method is straightforward to implement. The new DeepCool LT720 is a well-made and capable performer,  worth looking into further if the price is right for you at 139 USD. 

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