Deepcool Castle 280EX liquid cooler review

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Core i9 9900K OC at 5000 MHz 1.35 volts

Core i9 9900K OC at 5000 MHz 1.35 volts

1.35 V and higher voltages can cause serious problems for Coffee Lake CPUs because of the TIM used under the heat spreader. Luckily the 9th generation uses solder again. Our Core i9 9900K was set to 5000 MHz, at 1.35 volts. Again, wPrime 2.10 (3 times, 1024 M) was used. IDLE temperature measurements are taken in the desktop, with almost no stress to the CPU.



The temps shouldn’t go beyond 90°C, as otherwise, the CPU might degrade, and also throttling can occur (especially applicable to the AMD Ryzen range, which normally operates at lower temperatures). AIO coolers usually perform well with our Core i9 9900K. The Deepcool Castle 280 EX is not an exception. Let’s try to push the voltage beyond the 1.35 V mark. 

Core i9 9900K OC at 5000 MHz beyond 1.35 volts

 There are five stages for the charts below:

  • Default
  • 5.0 GHz @ 1.35 V
  • 5.0 GHz @ 1.4 V
  • 5.0 GHz @ 1.45 V



The Deepcool Castle 280 EX managed to keep the CPU temperatures under control until 1.4 V. The final result is rather good considering the size of the radiator (keep in mind that it’s a 280, not a 360 mm or anything bigger).

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