Deepcool Gamerstorm Castle 240EX AIO review

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Specifications and features

Specifications and features

The Deepcool Castle 240EX RGB series was introduced at the end of May 2019.

“The AIO is driven by a 3-phase, x-life motor, and pressure charging impeller, CASTLE 240/360EX’s pump is more powerful yet quieter. With 25% more skived fins on the backside of the copper base, the heat absorption area is extensively increased. More fins mean an increased surface area which allows for better heat dispersion. With an ultra-large copper base, the cooler is compatible with all mainstream CPU platforms, including the TR4. It’s smaller in size, therefore can be installed in any direction. This is compatible with almost everything which is very beneficial for all PC builders. Fans specially tuned (to match to radiator’s property) TF120 S fans are included. The fans are also equipped with patented two-layer fan blades and flow-amplifying + noise-canceling frames “




  • Anti-leak Tech Inside, exclusively safe
  • 25% more skived fins on the backside of the copper base, the heat absorption area extensively increased
  • Flow route optimized to reduce operation noise and energy loss.
  • 2 specially tuned TF120 S fans are included (in matching the radiator's properties).
  • Customizable Logo, exciting DIY experience.
  • Ultra-large copper base, extensive compatibility (including TR4).
  • 5V Addressable RGB, adjustable through the motherboard, or included the controller.

Technical specifications

Radiator Dimensions

282×120×27 mm

Radiator Material


Net Weight

1400 g

Tube length

310 mm

Pump Dimensions

86×75×71 mm

Pump Speed

2550 RPM±10%

Pump Noise

17.8 dB(A)

Pump Connector


Pump Rated Voltage

12 VDC

Pump Rated Current

0.2 A

Pump Power Consumption

2.4 W

Fan Dimensions

120×120×25 mm

Fan Speed

500~1800 RPM±10%

Fan Airflow

64.4 CFM

Fan Air Pressure

2.33 mmAq

Fan Noise

≤32.1 dB(A)

Fan Connector

4-pin PWM

Bearing Type

Hydro Bearing

Fan Rated Voltage

12 VDC

Fan Rated Current

0.15 A

Fan Power Consumption

1.8 W

LED Type

Addressable RGB LED

LED Connector


LED Rated Voltage


LED Power Consumption

2.25 W(PUMP)

The MSRPs are: $119.99 for the Castle 240EX, and $159.99 for the Castle 360EX.  Let’s head towards the product review, shall we?

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