Deepcool Gamerstorm Castle 240EX AIO review

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Final Words & Conclusion


The reviewed LCS kits performed very decently and handled an overclocked Core i7 8700K processor at 4.8 GHz (albeit we used a delidded one in this review). The cooling test results were fairly similar to those for the Castle 240 RGB version, although the EX was more silent at idle, and had lower temperatures. The key highlights here include a patented pressure-relieving radiator, dual TF120S PWM fans, and an improved pump design that's more efficient (and this time it’s also totally inaudible), and even easier on the eye and customizable courtesy of an interchangeable logo. Overall, the noise levels are good. At maximum speed, the Deepcool Castle 240EX is loud, but as it performs better than its predecessor, it’s possible to set a less noisy fan curve - silence, with only the pump humming slightly in the background.


Aesthetics & Design

Starting with the aesthetics, the 240EX looks brilliant, practically faultless. In addition, putting the RGB LEDs just on the pump head is a fantastic compromise for those who aren’t particularly fond of extra lighting in their systems. You can’t forget that you can apply your own custom logo to it as well! As for the wiring, it also looks quite nice, without too many cables, and it was relatively easy to manage it properly. The tubes are sleeved and they bend quite well, but they’re quite short (31 cm) for larger systems. Installation is not time-consuming, and it’s rather straightforward, so most users shouldn’t have any problems with the process. We also appreciate the bundled RGB controller for the lighting, which comes in handy if your motherboard doesn’t have any RGB headers. Still, it’s a pity (for most users) that the thermal paste is pre-applied and there is no spare tube.



The Verdict

The Deepcool Castle 240EX costs 119 USD. We think that it’s worth the money, especially given that it’s TR4 compatible out of the box. If you are looking for a value liquid cooler with some RGB functionality (no RGB fans this time!), you might want to keep an eye out for the Deepcool Castle 240EX, as the performance is good, and the idle noise levels are among the best that we’ve seen. It could have been a bit quieter under load, but for those who want a cooler that looks attractive – the Castle 240EX’s pump design, customizable logo, and anti-leak assurance make this product a very interesting proposition.

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