Deepcool Gamer Storm Macube 310P review

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Product showcase – interior

Product Showcase - Interior



Here, you can see three cable cut-outs to the right side of the motherboard, all fitted with rubber grommets.



The ones near the PSU shroud don’t have grommets, nor do the ones above the MoBo.



At the front, you can see a place for three 120 mm fans (or two 140 mm ones), or you can install an LCS there, provided that it’s nothing larger than a 360 mm rad (with a 45 mm thickness limit).



At the back, there is a 120 mm fan installed, but unfortunately, it’s a 3-pin one with a permanently connected Molex adapter. You can mount a 120 mm AIO in there instead.



You can install up to two 2.5” drives at the back below the backplate cut-out on the motherboard tray. There are also two 3.5” trays (you can use 2.5” ones instead) at the bottom, toward the front of the case. Overall, you have four drive mounts in the Macube 310P. You can also see the PSU housing here.

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