Deepcool Gamer Storm Macube 310P review

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Final Words & Conclusion

Final Words & Conclusion

It’s time for the conclusion. The Deepcool Macube 310P is an interesting chassis. It’s a classic and classy looking one. You won’t find any RGB here, but you can still showcase the internals of your PC thanks to the tempered glass panel. The internal layout is typical, with the PSU installed at the bottom of the case. The installation process is rather straightforward, and you shouldn’t have any major issues here (if your PSU is not longer than 160 mm). The build quality is good, especially in this budget. Two colour variants are available: black (reviewed here) and white, so you can match the colour to your preference and gear. Magnetic side panels with a child lock option (screws) and a GPU holder are a nice addition here too, although the magnet could be a bit stronger. On the other side, only one fan is a limitation for the temperatures and also the noise (especially for the GPU).




You get only a single fan here, and it’s a 3-pin one. No RGB lighting is available. You can’t install the GPU vertically, either (but at this price this is not a drawback). Liquid cooling capacity is ok, and you can install a 360 mm rad on the front of the case, and a 120 mm one at the back. There’s enough space for 330 mm long GPUs, 165 mm tall CPU coolers, and 160 mm long PSUs. This is enough for typical builds.
The I/O panel has a standard set of two USB 3.0 ports, audio jacks, and power + reset buttons. As for the things that are different here, there’s the magnetic side panels, the child lock option, and a GPU holder (a nice idea in a time of heavy graphics cards). Last but not least, you get a fan hub here as well.


Looks are always a subjective matter. The design of the new MACUBE 310P is very classic. There is only one tempered glass panel, but that’s ok, and you can still show off your gear if you want to. The black colour looks fine, whereas the white version will make your build look more original.


The Verdict

The Deepcool Macube 310P is an average-sized chassis. You get a classic look here, with a single tempered glass panel (magnetic), and no RGB. Unfortunately, only one 120 mm fan is provided (3-pin) and you can see the influence of it when looking at the temperatures (especially for the GPU) and also the noise measurements (as the coolers need to rev up). Another one on the front would help a lot, but on the other hand, you get a fan hub. There are fan filters of course. The maximum motherboard form factor that you can use is standard ATX, and you can install 360 + 120 mm water-cooling radiators, and a 165 mm air cooler. Moving on to storage, the case fits up to four drives (two 2.5” + two 2.5 or 3.5” bays). The installation went well (the cable management system is ok), but the PSU space was tight for what we use in our test system (a Seasonic Prime Titanium Ultra 850W). You also need to put a bit of effort into cable management, otherwise, the right-side panel will tend to come off because of the pressure. As for the features that we liked, the magnetic panels are a good thing, but the magnet itself could have been a bit stronger. The GPU holder can come in handy in an era of long and hefty graphics cards! The build quality is good, especially considering the budget. Speaking of which, the price is 69.99 USD, so we can grant the “Approved” award here, for the nice compromise between features and price. If we could have some upgrade suggestions, then we’d say: switch to 4-pin fans and add least one extra fan at the front. This would surely improve performance in air-cooled systems. Please use the thumbscrew for the PCI slots and some stronger magnets for the side panel would also be welcome. And one last thing – how about a mesh version for a notch more airflow?



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