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The Verdict

The CyberSnipa Sonar 5.1 Pro Surround Sound Headset are a nice set of headphones and a capable product, especially for the price. They do have a few shortcomings, however, that a potential buyer should be aware. As a surround sound gaming headset, the Sonar work great, actually. For games and movies, the Sonar have a few difficulties in getting the most out of the source material. For music, the Sonar offer a snappy sound, but ultimately lack the detail that a higher-end setup can achieve.


I should mention that twice I loaded the stock drivers that came with the Sonar only to have it BSOD on two different machines, both times. CybaSnipa have updated drivers on their site now, and I definitely recommend you use those. While the drivers are small and light, which we always love to see, I was a little irked by the lack of a karaoke mode. I mean, what would I do if I couldn't strut around looking like Madonna with the Sonar on my head? Hm? What are you looking at?

Playing games was fine with the Sonar, especially if the game you are playing has good visuals. The benchmarks are split in our limited survey, with Bioshock showing the Sonar as being neck-and-neck compared to an X-Audio for FPS. But with Call of Duty 4, it showed the Sonar somewhat faster than Creative's X-Audio. However, there was an issue with CoD4 that made the surround sound less immersive compared to plain old stereo. Using the microphone, I am pleased to report that the Sonar is very good and clear with Skype calls and in-game voice chat. "Like a virgin, ooh!"

guru3d-value_150px.jpgIn our subjective listening tests the Sonar had a rocking dynamic sound, but it also has a distinctly muffled sound, like there were cotton balls stuffed in my ears. This character does protect your hearing to some degree at high volumes, but I found this tradeoff too difficult to adjust to. I just missed too much from songs. Thankfully, some of the difference can be made up by using the equalizer found in the driver. Of course, the Sonar do sound better than any headset near it's price, hands down.

The Sonar 5.1 Pro Surround Sound Headset is above average yet at this price, a great value.

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Special thanks to CyberSnipa for sending out the Sonars, they came from very far away. And very special thanks to Hilbert for being the best. Theres a reason why he is the Godfather.

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