CyberSnipa Sonar 5.1 Pro Surround Sound Headset

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Page 6 - Benchmarks Cont'd

Rightmark 3D

Since there arent any outputs to the Sonar other than the headphones, I cant really test them with our usual RMAA. So, the next best vehicle for some kind of numbers is RM3D. The Sonar relies heavily on the DirectSound mixer to help deal with various sampling rates. The discrepancy is from reading C-Medias white paper on the CM106L chip and what is reported here in RM3D.  C-Media's white paper states a 16-bit/48 KHz sampling frequency.


If you will note the dwMaxSecondarySampleRate is given as 192000, or 192KHz. This is very high frequency, and something that very few sound cards actaully can do. Not that anyone would be able to hear much of a difference given the sonic qualities of the Sonar, and of course the human ear. Anyway, the Sonar is clearly using DirectSound for SRC, which isn't too bad these days, but something to be aware of if you're looking for ultimate fidelity.

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