Crucial 32GB DDR5 - 5200 MHz CL42 review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase

DDR5 memory is packaged in bars, wrapped in clear plastic, and comes with a label on the back of the box detailing the kit's features. This information is further validated by two label cutouts on the box. Upon opening the box, you'll find two memory modules packaged in clear plastic casing.



Introducing the latest DDR5 kit from Crucial, these 32 GB (2x16GB) 5200 MHz DIMMs are a sleek addition to any modern-age PC. The matte black finish adds a touch of sophistication, making it the perfect complement to any build. This DDR5 kit is specially designed with an XMP 3.0 frequency of 5200 MHz, making it a dual-channel 2x16GB 32GB set that operates using single-rank modules.



The set is built with Micron chips and uses XMP 3.0 technology for optimal performance with a frequency of 5200MHz. This DDR5 memory kit is designed for stability and reliability, with a thermal sensor included to monitor module temperatures in software. The kit is capable of managing latencies of CL42-42-42 at 1.1 Volts, which is considered slow but power friendly for this type of memory. The manufacturer recommends sticking to the default SPD settings or using the preconfigured XMP profile for optimal stability.


When choosing RAM for your computer, the amount you need depends on your specific requirements and usage. For general purpose PCs, a minimum of 8GB is recommended, while 16GB is suitable for gaming setups. Those who use memory-intensive applications like transcoding and content creation should opt for 32GB, and those with specialized workloads may need 64GB. With the latest DDR5 technology, it is becoming common for high-end and enthusiast-class PCs to have 32GB of RAM.


The kit is XMP 3.0 (Extreme Memory Profile) compliant (for AMD as well) and after updating your motherboard's BIOS with the latest firmware SBIOS update, be sure to enable the profile for optimal performance.


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