Corsair K70 PRO RGB keyboard review

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Software – CORSAIR iCUE

Software – CORSAIR iCUE


iCUE software has been available on the market for some time. It displays connected Corsair devices in the top section of the interface. When you click between the tabs, you can select the key layout, polling rate, and lighting intensity in the configuration tab and update the firmware. Overall, the control panel has a minimalist feel.






iCUE has good lighting and macro-programming controls. You can program macros and assign them to less frequently used keys, and you can also adjust key assignments, dpi, and many more settings.


At sample rates above 1000 Hz, the software warns of increased CPU utilization, leading to a measurable performance loss on weaker systems. However, this should not have any effect on current gaming machines.




As for the main feature (lighting), if you dive into iCUE, you can set up your profiles matching your favourite games. If you want to set the keyboard to a single colour, you can do that in no time. Setting up more complex configurations takes a bit longer, but the K70 RGB Pro can now store your custom settings in one of the 50 profiles, and there’s a dedicated button for cycling through them. There’s also the option to save the profiles on your computer. You can link each of them with specific games/programs, too. Let’s not forget that you can also synchronize the effects with other Corsair RGB stuff that is compatible with iCUE, like the ST100 headset stand or the LS100 Monitor RGB system.

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