Corsair K63 Wireless Bluetooth keyboard and lapboard review

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Final Words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

The K63 is a properly good gaming keyboard really, I mean as good as any Cherry MX red based gamers keyboard with a proper software suite. However, what it's all about is going wireless and then pair it with the new lapboard. And that functionality alone just makes it all worth. It really is surprising how well you can game with a softly padded lapboard, a Cherry MX WASD enabled keyboard in your left hand for control and your right hand for the mouse, really it's nice but likely something you'd only believe once you tried it yourself. You, of course, would need to be right-handed or the combo. Surely there's the disadvantage of moving your PC to the HDTV as you need to see a thing or two as well, but once that is done (and I tried it on a 65" screen) you get that big smile on your face, really that rocks. The wireless range is pretty good, I had roughly 6-7 meters reach in a 2400 Mhz band clustered WIFI/Bluetooth space. What also didn't disappoint was the actual battery life, I was able to get roughly 14 hours of gaming out of the keyboard. Corsair claims that if you disable the backlighting, that goes upwards to 75 hours, dimmed 20 hours. But heck even 10 hours I would have found plentiful (personally). We've reviewed many Corsair keyboards already. The K63 obviously is a notch smaller compared to it's bigger brothers, but it certainly plays/games the same, gaming wise you cannot complain at all as these units really rock. 

The video above demonstrates the Corsair K63 Wireless LEDs


Personally, I find most keyboards from Corsair to be really good, and great fun even. Mainly because they all use Cherry MX switches, ergo you get the same feel. If you get tired of the LED animations, you load up Corsair CUE and go with a soft static color tone, or even disable them if you wanted to do so. That is the flexibility of a software controlled keyboard. The CUE software itself over time evolved into a really good and easy to comprehend suite. Certainly, it's not like you actually 'need' back-lit and animated keys, but the fun factor simply is nice. 


These keyboards remain pretty bling stuff, the LED back-lighting animation system in combination with the nice dark casing and keys lighting up, well it just good looking. In terms of aesthetics and design, no complaints here but also realize that is a personal preference. The backlit keys, yes, you can dim it, disable it or just have it show animations, remember this lapdawg can be tweaked to any and all of your desires and wishes. As a standaline keyboard, it looks a bit weird though with the missing num-keys. However, once mounted in the lapboard, it all makes sense.

Final words

The TLK K63 Wireless looks downright odd on its own, for editing purposes I immediately missed the numeric keys. However, this is a gamer keyboard and many like the compact design, it's also easy to carry around. The main feature, of course, is its Wireless functionality, and Corsair did implement that well with very decent battery life and proper range. The combo is what it is all about though, the lapboard. Combined they weigh in just under 2kg, and with that foam under the lapboard, it's just downright comfortable gameplay in front of that big-screen telly of yours. I know that sounds hard to believe, but it really is. Perhaps you can try it in a store somewhere yourself before purchasing if you do not take my word for it. The keyboard itself feels familiar with our tested Cherry Red switches, and as such that does not feel any different from a professional keyboard with the same switches. Handy is the wrist rest, albeit it's a little bit thin on the plastic side of things.  The overall build quality feels sturdy, but it's a bit more plastic then I am used too from Corsair. But that's not something that would bother you.


We like the K63 keyboard for what it is and needs to be, but we very much like it when paired with the lapboard. While you'd think it is unnatural to game this way in front of your telly, trust me when I say it's an experience on its own, and a well worth one as it's comfortable to use, and yes very precise as well as you have a mouse and keyboard on your lap. The two combined with a wireless mouse like the new Dark Core from Corsair, really will offer a very nice combo that we can certainly recommend. 

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