Corsair H100i RGB Elite (2022) review

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We will now begin the phase in which the installation kit will be assembled. First, we attach the fans to the radiator with four screws each, and remember that the Corsair sticker on your PC case points downwards.  AF120 ELITE offers 0; 400 – 1,850 RPM / 0.09 – 1.93 mm-H2O.


Once done, you need to decide where to position your radiator and how the tubing and wiring will be managed. The two fans have connectors connected leading to the HUB wire. The embedded commander is crucial here because it now provides much nicer cable routing. 


I'm going to make a small detour here on the faceplate; please look at the image above. Btw's a nice dark design, right? 




You may now position the CPU block to your satisfaction; just take it out and rotate the logo, which is held in place by magnets.

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