Corsair K60 PRO TKL keyboard review

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Corsair K60 Pro TKL keyboardThe K60 goes tenkeyless.

The Corsair K60 PRO TKL comes from a range of keyboards we already presented here on guru3d. One of them was also K60 (Pro RGB) which had Cherry MX Viola keys switches. There are also the Pro RGB SE and Low Profile models. From the TKL versions of Corsair keyboards, we had a chance to check the K70 RGB TKL, which also had the OPX as one of the options (but we got the Cherry MX Reds). This time, the K60 series goes tenkeyless, and the exclusive Corsair OPX RGB optical-mechanical key switches are used. It was my first time with them; Hilbert already had a chance to check it in a K100 RGB model review. What are the other features that the K60 PRO TKL has? The PBT keycaps (which are more durable) and the USB Type-C cable is detachable. You get the per-key TGB backlighting, media control, and FN shortcuts. The K60 RGB TKL Optical-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard epitomizes competition-level keyboard performance. CORSAIR AXON Hyper-Processing enables 8,000 Hz hyper-polling, transmitting keystrokes up to 8x faster than standard gaming keyboards, so your commands register and reach your PC faster than ever.



The RGB lighting is provided individually for each key, and it’s possible to customize it through Corsair’s iCUE software (which has seen a bit of a revamp recently, but we’ll get to that, too). iCUE lets you change the controls for lighting, profiles, macros, media, volume, etc. It won’t come as a surprise that you also get 100% anti-ghosting technology and full n-key rollover in the K60 PRO TKL. So, this has been a relatively standard list of features, but what are some of the highlights that make this product stand out? Well, of course, it’s the form factor, which I’ve already mentioned. It is a tenkeyless keyboard, so you won’t find a Numpad here, which makes the product more compact. And that’s not all. This time, the keycaps are made of PBT, which brings more durability than ABS. Wear, fading, and shine should be much less significant, and stability will also be improved with 1.5 mm of thickness. But that’s still not everything. The provided braided USB Type-C cable is detachable, making this keyboard more mobile (and it’s nice that they’ve used the Type-C connector, which you’ll find, e.g., on mobile phones). The Corsair K60 PRO TKL is powered by CORSAIR AXON Hyper-Processing Technology, which should allow transmission of inputs to your PC up to 8x faster than in conventional gaming keyboards with 8,000 Hz hyper-polling.


As for the switches, OPX is CORSAIR’s exclusive optical-mechanical key switch that uses a beam of infrared light to detect keystrokes with zero debounce and offers smooth and linear travel for hyper-fast gaming performance. The K60 PRO TKL uses a solid and sturdy brushed- aluminium finish frame that comes as black or anodized. 45 cN of actuation force needs to be applied for 1.0 mm pre-travel, with a total travel of 3.2 mm. The longevity is 150 million key presses, which is a lot. The keyboard is priced at 149.99 EUR. Is it worth it? Let’s check the Corsair K60 PRO TKL in practice on the following pages.

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