Corsair Gaming SCIMITAR RGB game mouse review

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Corsair Gaming SCIMITAR RGB
The Worlds Most Fascinating Gaming Mouse 

For the hooked MMO gamers out there we review the Corsair Gaming SCIMITAR RGB game mouse, the device is sturdy in design, aesthetically pleasing with configurable RGB LEDs and has a grip that is intensely impressive. The looks are all about the configurable thumb buttons though as that jumps out like a cannon. The high DPI (up-to 12,000) mouse is fully programmable from A to Z. It might be the most remarkable mouse’s we have seen and tested to date.

noun: scimitar; plural noun: scimitars
  1. a short sword with a curved blade that broadens towards the point, used originally in Eastern countries.
  2. For the trekkies, the Scimitar Dreadnought Warbird is a Vice Admiral (Tier 5) level Dreadnought Warbird. Scimitar’s key feature was the ability to utilize thalaron radiation as a terrifying weapon.

We stated it a couple of times already, but it is very crowded in the PC gaming hardware arena -- especially when it comes to keyboards and mice. Whether you have 5 bucks to spend or 150 EUR, there WILL be a product matching that budget. Simple mice, small mice, mice dedicated to games, mice with multiple scanning lasers, mice with adjustable weight systems, and on and on. The Scimitar series sit in the high-end segment with a 85 EURO price-tag / 90 USD. The product is available in two colors, black, and black yellow. The first looks already is daunting with the main thumb buttons, indicative for handling complex macros and profiles dedicated towards the type of game that can really use then, MMO (League of Legends and DOTA 2) would be the target area here, albeit we can see many games working well with this. The mouse has an incredible 12,000 DPI sensor and this specific model comes with RGB color customization that allows for 16.8 million color selection back-lighting per one of four LED locations on the mouse. The Scimtar is made out of a durable unibody shell covered by a rubber grips. Though a little unclear, the sensor should not have positive acceleration and angle snapping/prediction. The mouse does handle zero-acceleration optical sensor. In case you are wondering, the offspring we test is the yellow-and-black one and it's got a thumb panel with, heck yeah 12 buttons!

  • 12,000 DPI pro-proven sensor
  • Dynamic multicolor backlighting
  • Ultra fast 1 ms response
  • Complete CUE control

For the Scimitar Corsair diversified and refined the mouse series even a little more as they targeted the mouse at MMO gamers. The build is solid, comes with an advanced RGB lighting setup, has 12 thumb buttons on a movable slider to fit/line-up your thumb. Then is has two additional top buttons along with standard left right and middle buttons + scroller and a super long braided cord. Two top buttons allow you to select your (configurable) DPI which is then instantly altered to aim more accurate. All buttons on this gaming peripheral are programmable. Have a peek as it is magic to your eyes, then have a browse at the next page where we'll review the Corsair Gaming SCIMITAR RGB mouse. Will the 85 USD/EUR price range be worth it with regards to features and functionality? Let's find out.


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