Corsair Gaming H2100 wireless headset review

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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

As always, we start by stating clearly that audio is subjective -- so for a reviewer that's a large big grey area that you need to try and describe. It's loaded with subjective perceptions and what we 'feel' is good / bad combined with technical facts. That makes it very difficult to review, as I for example am more of an audiophile opposed to somebody that needs a headset for hardcore gaming.

Changes - Comfort and Audio Quality

Daja-Vu right ? Yeah, 98% of the H2100 is similar to the V2100. It is just a morphological upgrade to the new Corsair Gaming line. That said, these are probably amongst the best wireless headset your money can get you. However I can't state that the H2100 is a better unit over the previous V2100 model judging solely by audio. The primary and more  recent changes can be found in the design of the headband, whose hinges/swivel points have been redesigned to be much more hard-wearing. Other then that the internal electronics 2.4GHz wireless connection have been left unchanged, as well as the 50mm drivers, which are seriously good I must say, with specs at a frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz and impedance: 32 Ohms @ 1kHz. The headset now also supports Dolby 7.1 as standard (a feature added later to V2000). The V2100 is fairly lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The adjust-ability of the headband and pivoting action of the ear cups ensures they should provide a proper fit for just about anyone. The ear pads are made of micro fiber and are very soft and comfortable. After you have tweaked the 2100 a bit to your preference you'll notice that the sound quality is really good, I probably would not dare to state audiophile-quality but it is certainly above the level you expect for a $100-150 headset, especially considering there is a price premium to weigh in for the wireless feature. The good thing about the USB based H2100 is the fact that you can tweak the sound to your liking through the equalizer. The equalizer pre-sets are not just generic presets but are fine-tuned by the pros and that lifts up the product really well.



True 5.1 and 7.1 ?

Now is the Corsair Gaming H2100 Wireless Headset actually a 5.1 or 7.1 channel set? No, it isn't as it has two 50mm drivers and is thus in reality stereo. It's stereo that is being virtualized to 5.1 or 7.1. The overall surround experience is good though, let's not make a mistake there. But each cup does not have multiple drivers, so to say.


The wireless functionality works really well. In a range of say 10 meters you will have perfect reception. Even a concrete floor below the transmitter we had reception. Outside the 10 meters things get difficult fast though, sound simply dies off when you are out of range (and will pop back online once you are in range again). Being wireless we have to talk about battery life. It's actually pretty good, we got a good 9 hours out of one charge so that will definitely get you through a few movies or FPS frag-fests. Once you are out of juice you can simply plug in the charging cable and continue to play until all your base are belong to us. For straight up gaming, the H2000 is tough to beat, the overall clarity and nice bass make it a killer headset. You will get into the game real fast... and that of course is not always a pretty sight.




Albeit the conclusion and this article are fairly similar to the Corsair Vengeance 2100, the Corsair Haming H2100 does excel in looks and yeah, it simply keeps it grand audio quality and comfortable wear. The microphone is great, and with a little EQ tweakage the sound will most definitely blow you away. Though the surround mode works fine the reality remains that it's 'guesstimated' or virtualized surround, it will never get close to real perceptive 7.1 sound for that matter. For videos and audio in combo with the EQ, the surround mode however works very well. That makes the Corsair gaming H2100 a great set of headphones for many usages including movies, music and gaming. Tweak a little on the equalizer if you like to do so and you'll have excellent audio. The software suite is a little thin in terms of options, but you can configure all important aspects and the reality is this: it is a simple software suite. And simple often works best. The included Dolby mode is a bit of a subjective matter, I found myself disabling it more often than should be necessary. However, again, audio and experiencing audio is a vague, grey thing and will differ per person. The good thing is that Corsair will allow you to tweak this based on your preference, and that makes this headset hard to beat. The H2100 strong points are wearing comfort, great MIC, an excellent deep and dynamic bass, clear voices, and and the treble that we increased a notch totally fits my personal sound flavor. These factors combined satisfy my personal audio flavor real fast. So yes, this kit is not at all that different from the V2100, but this unit got a nice upgrade to an all dark and yellow design matching the Corsair Gaming style. Regardless whether you purchase the Corsair Vengeance 2100 or Corsair Gaming H2100, these are among the best headsets we have tested. It is fantastic to not have a wire running to the ear cups, wireless rules nice and hard. I'll stand ground with my previous recommendation, a top pick award as such is well deserved.

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