Corsair Gaming H2100 wireless headset review

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Watching Movies

Watching Movies

Now who really watches and listens to a movie on headphones? Um no, me neither -- it's all about gaming and tunes man! But as always we'll give it a go regardless. 


Alright, I am stepping away from transformers for and change, we're going Disney yo !

First things first, I do not believe that watching movies with headphones is something you should do, but if you must .. the H2100 might be just what the Doctor ordered. The H2100 is offering a wide and dynamic feel in sound. All tones are here and you can really here every little thing that the audio editors injected into the movie. It is hard to describe sound, especially move sound. But the sound space is detailed, and sharp, deep bass much like the H2100 offers really. Being virtualized surround the headset does not even come close towards a true 5.1 or 7.1 cinema setup. It's virtualized stereo, but .. really good I have to state that.


You'll notice very intricate little details, which in Maleficent are plentiful. It is actually a pretty good flick man. In one of the battles you can hear explosions into the greatest details, I heard the rubble come down to the ground. And when good ol' Angelina realizes she's missing 'a pair' the scream she makes will go through your body and bones (though I am not sure if that is a good thing :)



I watched roughly 30 minutes of the movie really comfortable. During movie playback we had the EQ tuned onto Audiophile 2+ mode with a little added bass and higher treble, the V2100 is sounding dynamic and clear-- with a nice deep bass. The headset has bright characteristics, with decent bass (tweaked in the EQ) and yeah, movies sound pretty sweet really.

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