Corsair Flash Voyager GTX 128GB flash drive review

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Performance HD Tune PRO - AS SSD Benchmark

HD Tune Pro 4.5

HD Tune Pro is a hard disk utility and benchmarking utility for Windows. This tiny application allows you to scan your drive for errors or take a deeper look at several performance figures coming from the storage unit.


First off, a file test. We fire off 64MB clusters of data comprising out of sizes ranging from 0,5 KB to 8 MB. Check it out. As you can see once we pass 32KB file size, the drive kicks in hard, pushing over 300MB/sec. 


In HDTune above we average out roughly 295 MB/sec on sequential writes. We peak to roughly 300 MB/sec, that is veru impressive for a USB 3.0 flash disk but not as advertised. We however are confident that this is an issue with the USB 3.0 port on our ASUS motherboard in com,bination with Windows 7. 


AS SSD Benchmark

Added to the benchmark suite is this nice little German application called AS SSD Benchmark. This test gives an extensive result set. The test is popular, but probably not the best one out there. So just for reference, here we go.



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