Corsair Flash Voyager GTX 128GB flash drive review

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Flash Voyager GTX - Small yet powerful !

Corsair a few days ago released a new USB stick, all 3.0 compatible and it's called the Flash Voyager GTX . With GTX in the naming, that surely hints towards a nice fast product. We test the 128 GB version of this model, and well it's the fastest and most l33t little fracker your money can get you with read performance of up-to 450 MB per sec ! So you need something big and powerful to move around heavy duty data, like lots of MP3's, movies and well the big stuff right? USB 2.0 as such works, but face it... it's darn slow for lots of files or big files, file transfers take ages. As such I was happy as a puppy when USB 3.0 arrived on the scene, but sure, we all surely had to wait a while before real viable USB 3.0 flash disk storage units arrived at the scene. It's summer 2014, the market now has end-user USB 3.0 flash disks that are easy to carry around and with multi-channel technology can offer really sexy read/write speeds.

As such it's time to review another USB 3.0 flash storage unit. Now there are plenty of USB 3.0 sticks available but since you are at, we go for bigger, better, stronger and often faster. I am not using Daft Punk lyrics here, I promise ;)

See, Corsair recently released a new USB stick, all 3.0 compatible and it's called the Flash Voyager GTX. That surely hints towards something faaaaast. We test the 128 GB version of this product series, it's the fastest and most l33t little fracker your money can get you with read performance over 400 MB/sec. Copying movies, media, heck ISO files onto this stick is a breeze, heck it even wants more as copying your data on and from this unit is fast, very fast compared to the now aged USB 2.0 standards we all got accustomed to. Obviously to use a USB 3.0 stick, your motherboards needs a proper functioning USB 3.0 port (USB 3.0 host), after that you're good to go. And if not, sorry my man, but rest assured the device will fallback to USB 2.0 so ya can still use it.

Anyway, let's have a peek at the Corsair's Flash Voyager GTX, Thunder, flash ahaaaaah ... oh nobody of you youngsters knows what pun this is referring to eh ? Well, have a peek and then lets head on over to the next page.


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