Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro​ Wireless mouse review

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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

The DARK CORE RGB PRO is the next step in the Dark Core RGB series upgrade cycle. This time, it’s got a denser sensor (18K DPI) and extended battery life (doubled vs the Dark Core RGB). The USB receiver as well is smaller now. The mouse feels very good, fast, and responsive. The nine RGB zones look great and are easily adjustable in iCUE software. This model targets FPS gamers, and it has eight programmable buttons.  Onboard, this mouse has the Pixart PMW3392 sensor, which works perfectly here. It’s possible to adjust the DPI up to 18000, in steps of one. The switches are Omrons, with an MTBF of 50 million clicks. The mouse can be connected via a USB cable (braided) that’s 1.8 m long and it has a C-type connector this time. The buttons provide great feedback when pressed and offer an excellent response.




For 79.99 USD (or 89.99 for the SE version), you purchase a truly high-end mouse with serious specs, 18K DPI, a wireless gaming mouse that is aimed at FPS players (but not just that). It’s comfortable even for daily use. The battery life is great really, and this probably is the biggest advantage over the Dark Core RGB model. You can’t miss the smaller USB receiver, the Type-C USB Cable, and the new PMW3392 sensor. The eight buttons that you have here are enough for most users. If you want more (for MOBA), you can always choose the Corsair Scimitar for example. The RGB is great here, and you have nine zones that you can configure in iCUE software. The lighting effects look awesome! The build quality and ergonomics of Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro are top of the line.  And don’t forget that there’s also the SE Qi version, for which you can forget about the battery charging. But even for this non-SE version, the battery life is awesome and without the lighting, it's very close to the 50h declaration of Corsair. What more could you request? Well, nothing comes to mind right now. You receive a complete and precise gaming mouse. That’s a “Top pick”, as it’s a product of great quality and performance, which should suit almost everyone’s needs!


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