Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro​ Wireless mouse review

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Testing the mouse

Testing the mouse

Reviewing a mouse is a bit tricky (almost like with audio devices). Normally, I use a Logitech G903 (which is also wireless), and you have to remember that I have very big palms. I really liked the experience with the DARK CORE RGB PRO. It is quite light (at 133 g), big enough (for my hands), and should be very satisfying for most users. The design works great here.


As you can see, the target polling rate (1000 Hz) is achieved and stays close to the value that the manufacturer declares.
For gaming tests, I’ve used:

  • PUBG,
  • Battlefield 1,
  • Call of Duty: WW2

The Corsair DARK CORE RGB PRO did exceptionally well in all cases because it’s very responsive. The side buttons are easily reachable. You need to remember that there are eight buttons in total, and every one of them is programmable in the iCUE. The main buttons are great and responsive thanks to Omrons. They should be very reliable, as they’re rated for 50 million clicks MTBF.  The main target here are FPS players, and they will be more than happy using this fine piece of hardware. We found that we didn’t have to go any further than 3200 DPI for our gaming needs. Movements are registered instantly. In comparison with many devices equipped with different sensors, they are very sharp and expressive (well, the sensor is among the best available out there). We did not encounter any undesirable phenomena in the tests or when gaming (such as the pointer moving by itself), and the level of precision is very, very high.  DPI selection works nice and fast: you simply click the DPI switches up and down.


The lighting effects look exceptionally nice (also due to the number of RGB zones). No remarks on that topic. The grip is great, but you need to remember that you can use only palm grip here. The Dark Core RGB Pro is very responsive, and does the things you “order” it to.  As for the battery life, it was up to 45h (50h declared) without the lighting. It’s more or less twice the time achieved by its predecessor.

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