Corsair Carbide Air 740 review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase


As always we begin with packaging. It's a simple yet informative thing to show as, when you purchase a chassis, you honestly do not want any defects or scratches on it. The Carbide Air 740 is packaged in cardboard.


Once you take the unit out / open up the cardboard box you'll notice two layers of polystyrene protecting the unit, which on its end is covered in a cloth bag. Packaging was done carefully and the chances of damage and risk are minimal thanks to that.


And there it is, intriguing eh? And hopefully you'll agree with me, that is a rather smexy chassis to look at. The design is once again kept simple, no bright lights or screaming logos, so that is subtlety in full effect, albeit that front and top are a little more aggressive and industrial looking. The dark black design is easy on the eyes. 'Less is better' is the trend these days, and that works out well here. The chassis is made out of molded ABS plastic accent pieces for the shell and a black coated metal body. The chassis supports 3 x 3.5” and 4 x 2.5” tool-free drive caddies as it has a (x4) 2.5” tool-free SSD cage. And yes, it has PLENTY of air vents.



When we flip the unit around we can see the side panel and that big black tooshy a little better. The fantastic big see-through panel can be removed as it hangs on two hinges. That is what I call a proper window! It displays the cream of the crop PC components properly alright. The size of the chassis by the way is 426mm x 340mm x 510mm (H x W x L). The Air 740 has multiple fan mounting points as well as plenty of liquid cooling mounts. We'll go into more detail over the next few pages of course.


The fan mount locations (or FML as is my lingo) are front: 2 x 140mm (included) and back 1 x 140mm, these have fans fitted and included. There are plenty of other locations to mount fans including even the bottom side where it supports up to 3x 120mm fans or 2x 140mm fans. However, if you'd like to mount more fans or (we assume) liquid cooling you can do a little something like this:

  • Front Up to 280/360mm
  • Rear Up to 120/140mm
  • Top Up to 240/280mm

In combination with the big meshes everywhere there is plenty of airflow really. The backside reveals that it has 8 expansion card slots available and a rather unusual power supply location to the far left side of that chassis rear booty, we'll look at that later though (the PSU mount I mean!).

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