Corsair Carbide 100R Silent review

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Corsair's all budget Carbide 100R Silent 

The Carbide series of PC cases from Corsair have been updated with the budget 100R and 100R silent, Corsair markets the product being entry-level, and with a 50 to 60 USD price-tag, we cannot argue on that.  These chassis remain to be good looking but really are feature rich products. Keywords here would be a dark design chassis, tool free, decent space and nice airflow with the help of a small fan controller.

The Carbide series for which Corsair pursues the entry-level and mainstream market, and as we all know that means a cheaper product often resulting in stripped away features, style and functionality that we know and learned to love, from say the Obsidian or Graphite series. Admittedly what Corsair has been doing with the Carbide series works well, as it did convince me in a positive way when they launched the initial series. These chassis remain decent looking and really are feature rich products. 

The latest in the Carbide series of PC cases from Corsair would is the 100R, we test the sound insulated Silent edition. Corsair markets the product being entry-level which is true, look it up at NewEgg and you'll spot the chassis for 59 USD already. Here in the EU we see the price at roughly 55 EUR. For that money you'll receive a decent looking compact chassis, all black design, enough interior space to work in, tool fee ... heck even USB 3.0 ports have been embedded into the chassis. Not bad considering it's price range, not bad at all. 

So yeah, the 100R certainly comes with decent design and a very decent feature set. But let's have a look in-depth, next page please.


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