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The Verdict

Hmm, I'm impressed as to what 79 USD will buy you. The Domino ALC design is just flat-out excellent; the cooling is very decent and the options you get are excellent. So yes, CoolITs attempt to introduce a good performance water cooler to the masses, for as little money as possible, is certainly a goal well achieved. The product costs as much as a high-end cooler, but the benefits are so much more diverse. Wherever you'll read a review about this product, I promise you .. it'll be a positive one.

We achieved a 4 GHz overclock on an already hot Core 2 Quad QX9775 Extreme processor AND crammed 1.6 volts into that CPU. Once we stressed all cores 100% for a long time-frame the temperatures rose close towards 67 Degrees C in HIGH performance mode, or 74 Degrees C in medium performance mode. That tells us that this cure little unit can absorb a very decent amount of heat. Surely our test was a little over the top but we wanted to show you the effect of such a high voltage should you want to take the CPU any further.

For what the product is and what it's supposed to do it's excellent. Sure, you can't compare it to high-end water-cooling. But that's 150-200 bucks more expensive anyway. So do not compare to that please. In fact an expensive air-cooler might get you very similar results. None the less, the results are extremely good within it's price range. In fact for a single 120mm based radiator all-in-one water-cooling solution, this might be the best one we have ever tested.

guru3d-toppick-150px.jpgSo let's sum thing up. We see really decent cooling performance, an excellent and long-lasting quality design, installation is fairly easy, the unit is pre-assembled and filled for you, we have safety features built in helped by an alarm monitor, we get to select performance modes and last but not least ...  the CoolIT Domino A.L.C simply is looking gorgeous. I mean the design is just fantastic, Nice dark black coated looks, no screamy logo's.

It might be a little uncomfortable for some of you to remove that mainboard to mount the backplate, but seriously you guys .. it's the only negative I can think of. When you look at this price class and this quality versus performance level, very little can beat this cute little Domino A.L.C unit. And therefore we will hand out (and we do it very rare) our "top pick" hardware award as there's no chance in hell you'd dislike this product.

Very nice, in fact exceptional indeed.

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