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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

We like the Seidon 240M, this kit can be compared with the more niche heatpipe based coolers. The big plus of course is the extremely cool looks inside your PC and the very low noise levels.

Realistically the Seadon 240M shows good cooling performance, and sufficient performance with more extreme tweaks. The dual 120mm radiator makes a difference, cooling capacity is definitely good enough for even an overclock. But we have seen other LCS kits manage a little better though. Still, you can achieve a decent overclock on a Core i7 3770K and remain at acceptable temperatures. The big benefit is that the fans are fairly silent. Unless you start to control them manually through a fan controller or motherboard of course, after 60% RPM they will get a bit more noisy. Leave it at default, and the LCS kit can be considered to be silent.



The overall looks are pretty good as far as I am concerned, all black design, easy to install with the mounting system, prefilled... it's one of the most easy and comfortable kits on the market to use and install. An all black design will make this kit look great in any PC, a slight remark though, the y-splitter cable for the fans is not 100% sleeved black which is a minor miss. What Cooler Master does well is the simple fact that they don't have screaming logos everywhere. Especially the Corsair, NZXT and Asetek kits have illuminated Logos whereas on the Seidon kit you really need to seek and look for the logo. Tiny stupid stuff for sure, but I like it.


The reality remains though that it will continue to be a mainstream cooling product just closing in on high-end performance, the Seidon 240M will not reach the "enthusiast" segment. But make no mistake, the performance is good, but remains to be just that if you compare it to proper LCS gear. Let me also remind you that you can easily spend 200/300 EUR on tubing, radiators, cooling blocks, reservoirs and so on whereas this all in one kit can be found for a staggering 70 USD! Interestingly enough, in Europe the kit is more expensive and starts at roughly 85 EUR. So overall the price is certainly a good thing here, again please be realistic as enthusiast LCS products can easily cost you twice as much or even more. This 240mm liquid cooling kit competes with niche heatpipe coolers, that's the segment you are in.


Final words

If you are on the lookout for an easy to install, good looking and really nice performing product but don't want to spend heaps of dough on it, then most definitely consider the Cooler Master Seidon 240M LCS kit. It is amongst the more silent models we have tested to date, whilst offering you a fairly nice chance to overclock as well. Don't expect heaps of cooling performance though as performance can be compared with a decent class heatpipe cooler. It does look 10x better and is very silent. If you are worried about the temperatures you have seen at 1.3 Volts, well... this is the nature of the Ivy Bridge processor tested. You will likely not need 1.3V for 4400~4600 MHz. Armed with a two year warranty the Cooler Master Seidon 240M is available as we speak. In Europe you can find it for roughly 85 EUR, in the USA you can spot them for as low as 70 USD after a rebate, which is a gawd-awful nice deal to be honest. The cooler comes recommended.



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