Cooler Master Quick Fire XTi keyboard review

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Once powered on all keys lit up in a default mixture of blue and red. ALL keys on the keyboard have little RB back-light LEDs, these are all selectable in a limited number of colors color and a few animation. With a function key combo you can configure this. 


As you can see, now there's much ambient back-lighting on, based on your preferences you can light up the keys in the two colors with dimmed stages. 


The brightest mode as shown above can actually be too bright at twilight and night time I feel. It's great to have that option really.  It's good looking set of keys alright. It's good looking set of keys alright.


As stated you can also opt to just enable the WASD with RED colors and the arrow or numeric keys in say blue and then save that as a profile. 

So please do understand that you cannot control the keys with software, this is hardware solution on the keyboard and as such you will have more limitations opposed to what the competition is offering with a software back-end. With firmware updates new animations however will and can be added.

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