Cooler Master HAF XB review

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The Cooler Master Haf XB - Gettin' Jiggy With it

In this article we test and review the all new Cooler Master HAF XB mid tower chassis.The product is intended to be an easy to carry around somewhat compact chassis but is also something that can function as test-bench. Armed with rugged looks and a lot of features this might be a very interesting chassis to look out for. 

The rugged looking militaristic inspired HAF series now makes a second move from the big full tower chassis format towards a more conventional sized mid-tower series, tagged with an attractive price of course.

See the HAF XB has been introduced as a 99 USD product. Now when you think Mid-Tower, you won't be thinking about a cube eh ? Well, that's exactly what Cooler Master designed, a very innovative cube design. Basically the product is aimed at two end-user types, those who like to carry around their PC towards LAN partheeeeeees, and the more professional user that can use a nice testy-bench. 

This product addresses both users, the 'fairly' light-weight Cooler Master Haf XB is compact in its design and next top that it comes with carry handles. To buff it up yu'll spot an XDock where you can house two removable SSD/HDD units. Next to that there is a removable motherboard tray, plenty of space to work in. it comes with an all black design, hot spots for liquid cooling and overall just a nicely designed PC chassis really.

For the professional users there's a little extra as well, you can remove the side and top cover panels, transforming the Cooler Master Haf XB into a test bench instantly. We likeeee that.

This chassis as such is perfect for overclockers and tweakers who need to open the computer quite often. Another fun thing is that the motherboard is located at the top half slash compartiment of the chassis, so you can  access the motherboard and components that are installed in it very easy.

You'll spot a total of two exposed 5.25-inch optical drive bays and then another six hidden 2.5-inch bays, with space for two 3.5" HDDs. There is also a front I/O panel, with two USB 3.0 connectors and the standard audio ports. Cooler Master opted to go for removable dust filters at the bottom side only and installs two 120mm fans, for good air cooling. 

Sop yeah, this is something a little different fropm what you see normally, it will serve your gaming needs at home and at a LAN party. But once back home pop off a few panels and you have a test bench. 

But have a quick peek first ... meet the HAF XB Mid Tower .. well cube really. 


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