Cooler Master Cosmos C700P review

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Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Edition
"We are a way for the cosmos to know itself" ...

The Master is back in da house as they just have released the all new enthusiast class capital C. The chassis has that distinctive Cosmos series feel, yet it was revamped on the inside and out with a sophisticated LED lighting system, integrated fan controller and curved tempered glass. Oh and it so happens that it looks amazing as well, yes the Cosmos is back!

The Cosmos series of course has been ongoing for a long time now. Recently CM already released their 25th anniversary edition, while a great chassis it was the old model revamped a bit. This time Cooler Master offers an all new Cosmos C700P. It has that distinctively look and feel and was brought towards the year 2017 with subtle LED elements, a completely customizable design (innards can even be inverted) and Cooler Master went for improved looks with tinted curved tempered glass, while on the inside shielding and covering up everything you do not want to see. The new Cosmos C700P can house the biggest XL-ATX motherboards and comes with a combination of plastic and aluminum inserts. You may unlock and swing the side panel open like regular doors. Despite all the changes the Cosmos C700P retains its original look and feel a combination of a aluminum and dark element design. On the top and bottom sides you'll spot massive aluminum handlebars. Then there is proper cable management, space, and good airflow. Covered up behind the front side panel are the drive bays and fan placements, as well as the space for many kinds of liquid cooling. An all black interior offers enough space for an oversized motherboard with multiple graphics cards. At the top there is control panel, here you can manage up to fan RPM and the respective LED lighting system that comes with its own controller, yet also can be connected towards MSI, ASUS and Gigabyte motherboards to line up with software based RGB control.

Liquid-cooling? Not a problem. Obviously there is more than enough space for any mind and form of cooling including 360mm radiator based water-cooling in the top and front sides. You can easily fit a any radiator from 120mm towards 360mm in the. Inside there is a modular system, you can swap things around, e.g. you can invert the motherboard towards the other side. You lift out the side panels, swap them around and yeah, an inverted PC is an option.

As you can imagine, we have a lot to talk about and as such need to talk you though the entire product with the help of an extensive photo-shoot. Have a look at the all new revamped Cosmos C700P Edition first after which we'll start-up the review guided by photos, lots of them.


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