Colin McRae Dirt 2 VGA Graphics performance review

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DirectX 11 class graphics card performance


DirectX 11 class graphics card performance

Okay so much for DirectX 9 performance, let's switch to all available Direct 11 class graphics cards, enable DX11 and see what kind of performance hit the extra eye candy and effects have on performance.

DX 11 per card breakdown- So again we have all graphics options enabled to the max, yet now we are in DX11 mode where we have  Hardware Tesselation, Displacement mapping, better lighting and post processing. Above an overview of all the current DX11 cards from ATI.

But let's break down each card and compare the performance hit in-between DX9 and DX11.

Above we see the Radeon HD 5750. As you can see, for the money that card just rocks DiRT 2 alright. On average DX11 takes only a 10% performance hit.

For the Radeon 5770 we see exactly the same thing. Roughly a 10% performance differential and we can play the game up-to 1920x1200 just fine really.

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